Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fast forward from February.....

Was such a lovely morning I fast forwarded from February...just for today. This has definately been the strangest weather I can ever remember for this time of year. Top photo is off the new hooligan in the family. This part of the fence is not very wide but it has the biggest space between spars. I knew we were in for trouble when he made a bee line for it, first time out in the garden. Putting pots in front helped for a couple of days while the brain whirled and he worked out how to get on them. He can't quite squeeze his way through but he never stops trying....I think some chicken wire might be the safest bet :D


  1. Chicken wire sounds like the trick! Amazing how they seem to zero in on the one spot you don't want them to notice.

    Gorgeous photos, looks like Spring has finally arrived.

  2. Oh this one has definately been here before lol. Still bitterly cold but at least we have some colour now :)