Thursday, 16 May 2013

Today's photos 16th May.....

From the top....had a wee smile when I noticed the cottage through the trees this morning. Could this be the Gingerbread House???? sign of any witches, but me and Buddy hurried!
Always get a little nostalgic at this bridge. As I've probably mentioned before the country path was originally a railway line. On the otherside of this bridge to the left was the path that led down from the road to the platform. The station was on the right handside which meant if you were going to Kilmarnock you had to cross the line by foot. Under the bridge were wooden sleepers for you to walk on I never ever got over being anxious in all the times I crossed. Uncle Andy the station master kept it beautiful with masses of shrubs and flowers. It was a sad day when it was knocked down....progress can be a bitch :(
Not sure what the next one is just liked it's sculptural appearance....
The last two are from Helen's garden (my neighbour) a unfurled hostas and a not sure what it!

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